17 – Excursion to Malaga and Grenada
17 – Excursion to Malaga and Grenada

17 – Excursion to Malaga and Grenada

Our 2-day road trip to Malaga and Grenada

Luckily the weather had cleared up, so we really had an amazing two days of sightseeing and walking off our feet! We found a little flat in the centre of Malaga for one night and a free parking place (very lucky!). Not only the fortification and castle in the centre of Malaga but also the lights and ambiance were just wonderful. We enjoyed the evening out and walking around amongst lively groups of all ages and waiting for THE moment the Christmas lights would switch on, with thousands of other people! We had a nice dinner outdoor (remember this is 1 week before Christmas – ok, we were wearing a pullover and weren’t particularly warm) and a good night’s rest before getting in the car the next morning to drive over the fascinating landscape just off the south coast, into the higher hills at the foot of the Sierra Nevada..

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The Alhambra in Grenada

The beautiful historical site of the Alhambra in Grenada is stunning and really worth the trip. One can easily spend a full day just on the site, including the gardens which are so beautiful! Seeing the snowy mountain tops in the background was a bonus to the anyway exceptional setting. We’re convinced the boys liked it also, but I think that their main pleasure was that there was a firecracker shop in Grenada! There was no way they would let us past that one….! Hundreds of different firecrackers… So they spent a few euros to have fun and annoy us dearly!

We finally got back to the boat very, very late, as we felt compelled to stop at a huge Carrefour shopping centre, our dream, on the way back and stock up on supplies for our next departure… Provisioning is easier with a car than with backpacks and/or bikes, isn’t it?

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  1. Mum

    Very interesting stuff, what wonderful buildings. Makes me want to go there! Well worth the car trip for you.

    Love reading your posts and the boys’ too, of course.

    Thinking of you all the time,

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