Sailing Illika
Log book

Log book

Here are our articles and posts published in chronological order since taking off from southern France in spring 2022. We are still working at the more nautical aspects of our log book as well as the contitions we sailed the different stretches. In the meantime you can check our more or less updated position on our route on noforeignland

We are are super happy to get a feedback or comments on our articles. Moreover, if you have any tips and ideas for places to visit, things to do, links to documentations or anything concerning educational topics about the region we’re travelling in, please let us know!

Gibraltar baby barbary ape
crossing on foot Gibraltar’s airport at sunset – spectacular!
Nasrides palace in the Alhambra, Granada, southern Spain
octopus next ot our boat, hunting crabs in Melilla
market stand
colourful market stand in Monastir Tunisia
stunning dunes near Ksar Ghilane Tunisia, at sunset
colourful fishing harbour of Bizerte Tunisia
looking out of Bue Marino cave Sardinia
Illika anchored at Les Embiez south of France

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