18 – Gibraltar
18 – Gibraltar

18 – Gibraltar

a long awaited destination

We decided to stay a couple of nights in Gibraltar. We were anchored in the bay on the Spanish side. After three attempts to moor the dinghy in Gibraltar itself, on the English side, we just moored it on the rocks along the road outside the harbour on the Spanish side: it is indeed not allowed and it is almost impossible to moor on the British territory, everything being locked !

After going through customs and having walked over the airport tarmack on foot (quite strange), we took a guided tour in a mini bus. The guided tour was nice and instructive. At the end of the tour, we went up to the rock with the mini bus, and finally we saw the monkeys. One of them jumped on my shoulder and sat down and started eating the carrot he had in his hand. It was funny but his buttocks were wet and sweaty. By the time he got off, my shirt was almost wet and stinking, so at first I thought he made a diarrhea on me. We walked down from the rock (less than 30 minutes) and went to see the World War II museum.

Our dinghy adventure…

Afterwards we walked around the town and by the time we started to get back it was already dark. When the dinghy was in sight, we saw torches on it (in this area it is common to get your dinghy stolen). Therefore my father started running and whistling like a mad man . When we arrived, we saw that it was only some cheeky and stupid boys who were using the dinghy for fishing. These rascals left it full of rubbish. At least they got a good scolding from Daddy !


  1. Anthony

    oh… I meant to also add – I see that you also made acquaintance with the big JC! I take it that the shadows in that cave are deliberately made to look like that. It looks like a painting to me.

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