4 – Iles de Hyères – sticking around
4 – Iles de Hyères – sticking around

4 – Iles de Hyères – sticking around

week 3 – sticking around

The weather forecast showed great improvement for the next days, we said goodbye to La Ciotat and our nice neighbours (Arlequin – VitaminSea) heading for the islands of Hyères. But dropping anchor first at “Picard’s” island Les Embiez where we flew the drone and had a beautiful walk!

The islands Porquerolles and Port-Cros are clearly some of our favourite spots in the south of France. Long walks through nature, under tunnels of trees and prickly maquis, cliffs and little sandy bays. Perfectly relaxing, except when you decide to make your walk into a run-walk… ! But sports belong to our programme. As well as boat schooling, which was done either in the mornings or, if not too demanding navigation, on our way. We have also introduced a new school topic: CN = Connaissance nautique.

We arrived beside Hyères harbour on Friday to check how I would get to the airport for my trip back to CH for Neils Confirmation. Unfortunately, there was no harbour place available. So we anchored in the bay as close as possible to the harbour entrance. Rowing a little dinghy against the wind is anything but easy, but the boys are getting really good at it! Muscles! This stop will also allow us to get various parts, for example reparation kit for a toilet pump! Everyone who has already spent some time on a boat knows that toilets are a frequent and important subject. So they better work!

Let’s see what the men have been up to while I was gone 😉

  • petite plage
  • Les Embiez 01
  • Les Embiez 02
  • Les Embiez 03
  • Les Embiez flore 01
  • Les Embiez flore 02
  • eau et roches
  • les Embiez
  • garçons arbre
  • garçon
  • Porquerolles baie du Langoustier
  • dans le dinghy
  • le goélan
  • voiliers volants
  • le goélan décole
  • vue
  • chemin
  • plage
  • côte
  • Hyères dans la brume


  1. Sally Bridges

    The “guys” took some wonderful photos. Beautiful land seascape…..I especially liked no. 10 thinking to myself, where are the lions, they’ll appear at any second & then lo and behold, therectgey are lounging amongst the trees in pic 13!
    Gorgeous sunset.

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