39a – Camp fires
39a – Camp fires

39a – Camp fires

Camp fires and oysters

The Siné-Salum is a vast saltwater fossil river in West Africa, so vast that it can be navigated by boats. And we sailed on it with two other boats, mainly, and a 3rd one a little way. We all like camp fires.

With the three boats, we organized a barbecue at midday on the beach with a Senegalese called Ambroise, who collected oysters for us that grow on the roots of mangrove trees. Or rather, he cut off the whole roots! Then we put them on the fire, and we ate the grilled oysters directly out of their shells. A real treat!

Hyenas’ eyes

Another evening, we anchored in front of a mini beach close to a poor village. We’d heard that we could see hyenas, so we went ashore with the dinghy and made our first camp fire in Africa. A little after dark, the fire was not very stong anymore. That’s when we heard hyenas laughing, and when we shone a flashlight, we could see their eyes shining in the night. I thought it was cooooooooool! My mum a little less so… it seems she doesn’t like hyenas. So we packed up and went back to the boat.

The next morning, the other two boats joined us and we told them what we’d seen, so it was off for another camp fire. However, this one came to nothing, no doubt due to the wind direction coming from somewhere other than the day before. But in the end, with or without hyenas, we had a great evening together.


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